Shooting RAW with Canon 5DmkIII

For my tutorial on working with DaVinci Resolve to create editing dailies, click here.

These videos were shot using the Magic Lantern RAW hack on the Canon 5DmkIII. I used a 64gb Komputerbay CF card, which I ordered off B&H. For the above video, it was shot with the cheap Canon 50mm f1.8, which I then brought directly into After Effects, and pulled a few sliders to make sure the white balance was ok, and exported it for Vimeo. The thing that struck me more than anything was the insane amount of sharp detail that was being lost in the H.264 versions of the native mkIII. The workflow is actually quite easy, I am using Premiere Pro CC, and DaVinci Resolve for an offline/online workflow, like the old days. I actually think the biggest issue is storage. Many of the tutorials I am finding online right now for Premiere are no longer working because either Black Magic or Adobe made a change that has broken the old way of matching back your conform, so I will be doing a tutorial in the next few days to show you what is working for me. I may even see if I can get an FCPX or Avid workflow too, for those of you that may be interested in that.

The below video was also shot RAW, but the second shot (close up of the headlight) was used testing the crop-in mode (5x or 10x) now available thanks to Magic Lantern. This one I used the offline/online workflow with Resolve, where I put a quasi-70's type grade on it.

Handcrank Film Test

Shot with a Brevis 35mm adapter on an HV-20. Ran through Stu Maschwitz' HANDCRANK After Effects project for the old time film effect. I shot it at 60i, imported it into Final Cut, did some minor editing, and exported to After Effects. To get this Project, please have a look at Stu's wonderful book, "The DV Rebels Guide" 

You can find that here: 

For more information on Stu Maschwitz, you can find his blog here:  or his IMDB listing here: