Memories of Softimage

Softimage Docs-15.jpg

With the recent announcement of the EOL for Softimage XSI, it brought back memories from many years ago, when I was initially learning 3d Animation. Back in the late 90's, while I was working in advertising, producing TVCs, I was getting extremely interested in learning how to create the magic of CGI I had seen in Jurassic Park several years earlier. After convincing our production company we needed to get on the bandwagon, we eventually came back to the office with a beautiful Xmas present. A copy of Softimage 3D. The very software that created the T-Rex. (for some additional memories of the t-rex, see this article on )

At the time I was really developing as an editor, but I spent countless hours learning Softimage, and thought I would eventually make my living creating CGI. My career eventually went the editor/producer route, but to this day, I still spend a good amount of time keeping my 3d skills up-to-date. Today my software of choice is Maya, but there is a soft spot for Softimage. So much so, that I saved my copy of all the original software and documentation, as you can see here in these pictures. I entertained the idea of finally discarding them this past summer, but I am so glad I decided against it. I may do very little 3d animation on a professional level anymore, as I just do not have the time, my love for these software packages has not dwindled at all.