Return of the Return of the Jedi


The day started innocently enough, doing some editing and After Effects work. Next thing I know, I am on Amazon, buying books published in 1983 about Return of the Jedi. Best part about this book, I used to own it back in the day, as a 12 year old Star Wars fanatic. I knew at the time this book really interested me, but didn't quite know why. I thought I liked the idea of behind-the-scenes stuff, although I most likely just wanted to look at the pictures. 

Through the years, through numerous moves, the book became misplaced. For all I know, its sitting in a box in my attic. Not matter what, I own it again. Isn't the internet great. You can find it here on Amazon brand new, for a cool $70. I went the other route, and bought a used one for $2. 

Amazon Link (lightsaber not included):

Its got photos, scans of call sheets, shooting schedules, and all the things you would love to have for todays movies in the watered down extras disk on DVD's. They talk about how Lucas found his director, and why. Walter Murch makes an appearance. Hopefully work is slow today, I am going to start reading it.....again.